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Life Off Leash Luxury Mobile SPAW provides professional grooming services in your driveway; we come to you and are excited to meet you and your dog(s)!

  • Convenience of offering our services in your driveway which provides less stress for the pet parent and their dog which all makes for a positive grooming experience. Your dog will have less anxiety as they will not need to leave their familiar environment. Whether it be your home or your office WE COME TO YOU!!
  • One-on-one attention and care for your dog from our groomer start to finish. There are no other dogs around that can sometimes cause dogs to be anxious when in the grooming environment.
  • Less Stress on the dog as we do not use cage dryers; all dogs are hand dried with our state of the art dryer system.
  • Fast and easy grooms usually taking 1-2 hours depending on the dog. By having a recurring grooming schedule and us building a relationship with your dog, they will be very relaxed, safe and stress-free during each grooming appointment.
  • Let us pamper your dog, we will take care of them as if they were one of our own and therefore happiness and safety are our number one priority. We will provide them with a luxurious experience so they will look and feel their best.
  • Each grooming appointment is with the same groomer making your dog more at ease.
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